Lady Llarel’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lady Llarel

What a fabulously marvelous cave! I can’t believe this has been sitting here, empty and unused, all this time. I think it will be just perfect for my needs. With this cave, I can finally establish the shelter I have always dreamed of. I can finally create a place of safety for poor, abused kwama and their scribs.

My father was a cruel man, and I saw the abuse and burdens he placed upon the kwama at his mine. It was barbaric, how he squeezed all of those poor creatures into those overcrowded caverns. How he harvested cuttle from their poor bodies. I can still hear the poor creatures scream! Well, I shall stand for such cruelty no more.

I shall fill this cave with free kwama, creating a haven where they can raise their scribs in peace and safety. It will be a kwama utopia, and it will be my legacy to the world.

Now, where can I acquire a kwama queen?

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