A Daughter’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

I saw Ennis this morning. He had the most peculiar look on his face. When I asked what made him smile, he said the mayor chose him for a special task. I’ve never seen him help anyone unless coin was involved, but he just kept babbling about how he’d volunteered because the mayor is such a great man.

The guards were nowhere to be found until after sundown. It looks like they caught the group of beggars who have camped out on the road east of town. They brought the beggars to the cathedral—but why? I went to see, but the guards wouldn’t let me in. They said the mayor has ordered no one in or out.

Southpoint has been so quiet. I see very few people on the streets, even the guards. It feels like the calm before a great storm. Maybe they’re all visiting the carnival south of Elden Root. If I finish my chores early, I might stop by.

The carnival is wonderful! They’re still setting things up, but I didn’t care. The bug trainer let me pet the shalks. It was strange, I didn’t see anyone from Southpoint there, or on the roads. I thought Father would be so angry with me for returning so late, but he wasn’t home. Mother said he was summoned by the mayor. She seems so worried.

The guards dragged Mother away! Father tells me nothing is wrong, the mayor just wanted to speak with her. I don’t understand what’s happening.

Mother has been missing for days, and Father doesn’t care about anything except pleasing the mayor. Then he frowns, and looks right through me. I’ve never seen him like this. If Mother isn’t back by the morning, I’m going to Elden Root for help.

There are guards posted all around town. They aren’t letting anyone leave. I’ll have to wait for nightfall and try to slip out.

I hear screams from the cathedral. I hope Mother is all right.

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