Mistress Dratha’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Mistress Dratha

By Mistress Dratha, Telvanni Mage

Well, I can’t say that the Telvanni House was never good for anything, at least after this find. Answers may come in the most unexpected places, but only fools ignore the resources available to them. I’ll have to make sure to return the favor to my ever-pleasant House. Tribunal knows they would never let me hear the end of it if I did not.

I knew that my answer would come from a troubled source. I do not fear the Daedra, but I hate the idea of bargaining with one. No matter. My need is that great. Who else would take up my mantle? I know of the costs, yet I remain resolute. I must.

The research notes in this tomb are ignorant rubbish, naturally. Scholars with a lick of common sense are hard to come by these days, and I find that ever more true when dealing with my fellow Telvanni. However, I know the truth to this particular cultist chant, and it may hold the answers i’m looking for to solve my pressing need.

Stones of Cold Fire burning blue,
Call forth the servant of our Lord,
A bargain we have come to make,
To grant us with our due reward.

A child could see that these Stones of Cold Fire are necessary for the summoning ritual. I must find someone to collect these stones before it is too late. Someone strong enough to defeat Xykenaz. I’ll need him weakened, even with the stones. If only competent help was easier to come by.

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