To Whom It May Concern

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

The Wood Elf Fingaenion is certain he knows a way into the planes of Oblivion. He’s been studying, reading dark books that this Nord couldn’t begin to comprehend. His wife disappeared there long ago, but if she yet lives—the Undaunted are going to get her back!

The great Undaunted excursion into Oblivion—that’s what they’ll call it, decades from now, when they sing our song! A song of the most dauntless of the Undaunted, charging headlong into the razors of Mehrunes Dagon! It won’t be pretty, it might not even be wise, but it will be fun!

Tomorrow is the day. The day for us to rise above the ranks of even the Undaunted!


To posterity—if we don’t make it back (and the steady dilapidation of this camp will be a clue!)—then take this note to Glenumbra, to Mighty Mordra. She will know we died as we lived—as Undaunted!


We being the combined force of:

Umbarume the Undertaker
Caeleneth the Hapless
Zantan the Magnificent
Glad Glatha
Bloody Mayra
Brittgerd Bear-Master
Axel Malveaux
Fingaenion the Wood Elf
Hogondar Hammerhurl (the greatest of us all!)

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