Letter to Calahawn

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous


I must firmly decline the invitation to join your magical misadventure.

Appealing to Hircine to aid you against “all the Dominion” is insanity, not to mention gross overreaction. It’s always dangerous to nudge the shoulder of a Daedric Prince. Why further doom yourself by relying upon a patchwork band of sorcerous fools?

I don’t know if that lot has the skill to find their way to the nearest Mages Guild chapter, let alone appeal to a Daedric Prince! But I suppose you need them. No sane Elf would aid you. I won’t, certainly. I’m as staunch a follower of the Green Pact as you, but where you go I cannot follow.

You must think. The Dominion is the only chance to survive this war! You want to hunt our allies as our real enemies prepare to burn Valenwood to ash.

I refuse to sign my name to this. I want no justiciar finding this on your body and thinking I had anything to do with your madness.

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