Eveli’s Speech Ideas

Author: Eveli
Released In:


Potential names to call Mehrunes Dagon:

Ruddy-Arsed Coward
Many-Armed Meanie
Daedric Prince of Being Defeated
Big Cracked Acorn
Dagon the Defeated
Cranky Overgrown Mudcrab
Sir Stomps-a-Lot
The Daedric Prince of Shouting
The Kilt Is Not Enough from Down Here
Huge Ugly Scamp

Talking points:

- The intense battle! Talk about the explosions, the arrows, the fire.
- Make sure to mention everyone by name! No, that might take too long. Too many names.
- We overcame the odds! We kicked Mehrunes Dagon in his ugly face! (That's good, keep that.)
- Investigator Vale


- Don't talk for too long. Nobody likes a long-winded archer.n- Smile. But not too much. Too much smiling is creepy.
- Don't insult any Daedra!
- Maybe don't bring up Lyranth? Unless she comes. Then maybe don't bring up the powers of the Ambitions.

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