The Unbreakable Redguard

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

For all of his self-doubt, Sai Sahan has proven monstrously difficult to break. Perhaps the years of physical training he endured to condition his body make the tortures of the flesh pale in comparison. Likewise, threats of bodily harm to friends and acquaintences have no effect. He merely closes his eyes and promises to avenge them.

So deftly he pulled the Amulet of Kings from the fingers of Varen’s withering husk amidst the chaos of the Soulburst, and then he was gone, a fleeting shadow in the night. I must have it back if I am to enact the final stage of my plan. Since that day I have played a waiting game as Molag Bal’s Planemeld continues unabated.

For the time being, this works to my advantage. But I must find the amulet before the Planemeld concludes, or my plan is doomed to failure. I would tear this continent apart stone by stone if I had to, but for now I shall be patient. Sai Sahan cannot endure these tortures forever. He will break, and the Amulet of Kings will be mine once again.

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