Letter to Captain Lerisa

Author: Telonil
Released In:

Captain Lerisa, I see little point in this exercise. What good can come of the crew listing lost possessions? Will Deregor suffer without his lucky dice? Will Haerdun languish without his illustrated Lusty Argonian Maid?

I slave still to scrape together enough gold for a ship, let alone the trivialities the crew lost on the Maiden's Breath. Expecting me to help them replace their lost possessions is ludicrous.

For now, I will file this list where I keep Crenard's extravagant sheafs of recipes. I pray that you come to your senses.

Of course, I have already ordered replacements for the make up, clothing, and wigs used to create your many identities.

All this comes for a pittance, and I am certain you will be pleased. Let it never be said that I do not serve you well.

— Telonil, Quartermaster

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