Journal of a Telvani Emissary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Elvali Trandel

(From the journal of Elvali Trandel, Mouth of House Telvani, Emissary to Skyrim)

Yet another wasted journey. I thought the lords of Skyrim would understand that the honorable House Telvani will not be dragged into their pitiful squabbles. Who cares about borders and rightful rulers? Certainly, we have no opinion on the matter of crowns or east versus west. There are more important things in this world than who rules which expanse of snow and ice. If only the other “Great” Houses shared this understanding, then the Dunmer would be so much better off. While the diplomatic purpose of this trip may have been a waste, the journey may yet prove useful. I have heard rumors that an ancient faction is once again active and operating in Skyrim. The witches of the Icereach Coven seem involved, but they are rank amateurs compared to the rumors I have chanced upon. I relish the opportunity to study the ways of this ancient faction. There is power in dark magic, after all. If these rumors are true, that power could be mine.

I may extend my stay a bit and see what I can learn. Perhaps I can use the knowledge to raise my status back in Morrowind. Others in House Telvani have studied such things, but none have been this close to the source of power. I can feel that something lies beneath this land. Something dark. Something…powerful. I will find it and make it mine.

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