Bartholomew’s Theory

Released In:
Author (in-game): Chief Archivist Bartholomew

I believe these engravings around the welkynd stone sconces are indications of some kind of secret passages. Such contrivances are used in many of the palaces and fortresses throughout High Rock and I vaguely recall hearing that “seli” means halls. It was a common term for many of their underground settlements. Regardless, I have no record of their being any such passages in the vaults or the bastion itself, which is troubling.

* * *
Prior Thierric shared my concern at the possibility that our fortress, and our relic vault no less, might not be as secure as we believe. He has tasked me with uncovering any of these possible weaknesses in our defense. I will not disappoint him.

* * *
I have returned the welkynd stones to their original sconces, to no avail. I imagine if that were enough to reveal any hidden passages, then they wouldn’t have remained a mystery to my predecessors in the first place. I will need to experiment further.

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