Fisherman’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Day 57: I’m so glad I asked the spinner to build me this hut. I can dangle my feet off the edge and fish as much as I want. My cousin will be so jealous.

Day 58: The fish here are thriving! I have more than enough to eat. Not only because of the number of fish in the pond, but the witch lights dancing above the water. The strange creatures attract the fish in the evening. Now I can fish all day and night!

Day 59: I spoke too soon. More witch lights showed up and now the fish seem scared of them. The witch lights only seem to come around at night, so daytime fishing is still fine.

Day 60: Now the witch lights are around in the daytime as well. I had to switch to the shallows of the pond. The fishing is much worse! I will either have to do something about the witch lights or get used to tiny dinners.

Day 61: The fish aren’t biting. It is bad enough that I have to go to bed hungry. Know there are plenty of tasty fish right below me is too much to bear!

Day 62: I shot one of the witch lights. An arrow was all it took, then the rest of them scattered. I can once more look forward to more delicious fish dinners!

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