Frog Stealing Plans

Released In:
Author (in-game): Bernadette


Got word from an associate about a Redguard merchant staying in Vastyr. Says his name is Munubra and he’s come all the way from Hammerfell with something real special. A dragon frog. Seems this sandpiper sees the frog as some sort of business partner. Can you imagine?

Now, I know you can’t tell a horker from a pig, but trust me when I say that creature is worth its weight in gold. And I’ve got the perfect plan to nab it. My friend at the docks is going to punch a few holes in the merchant’s boat. Then when he runs in to save his wares, we snag the frog!

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a dragon frog in the Systres, let alone anywhere else, so it’s bound to fetch a high price.


PS: We should keep some buckets of water on hand in case the critter gets feisty.

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