Stibbons’s To-Do List

Released In:
Author (in-game): Stibbons

– Organize gear in alphabetical order
– Categorize foodstuffs according to nutritional value
– Prepare breakfast of bread, cheese, and dried fruit
– Warm myself by the fire
– Wash and dry m’lady’s unmentionables
– Make sure there are ample bottles of alcohol
– Drink one of the ample bottles of alcohol
– Sweep snow out of the camp
– Prepare supper of fish stew for the camp
– Try to get m’lady to eat some vegetables
– Melt the ice from m’lady’s unmentionables
– Make sure fires burn hot (it’s so cold here!)
– Discuss historical discrepancies with Kharsthun
– Proofread m’lady’s report to the museum
– Organize m’lady’s combs and brushes, in size order
– Fluff m’lady’s travel pillow and turn down her bedroll
– Leave a candied nut on m’lady’s fluffed pillow
– Write out tomorrow’s list of things to do

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