Bakhig’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Bakhig

Bakhig’s Journal, Page 3

Bakhig is finally home. Years of wandering, over. Pets scuttle around me. The poison that drips from their fangs smells as fresh-baked bread to this one.

It took me weeks to earn their trust. So many bites, so much poison in my veins. But, now, they know me.

Now, they love me.

Bakhig’s Journal, Page 11

Bakhig’s pets danced for him today!

No. Not a dance, not like those idiot High Elves in their fancy castles. They swarmed up, down, up, down. All over their webs. Like a sweet performance, just for me.

Bakhig’s pets want him to know that they are happy he is here. To watch over them.

Bakhig will never let anything happen to his pets.

Bakhig’s Journal, Page 18

Bakhig’s pets fight sometimes. This one thinks they fight for his love.

Why can’t they see that Bahkhig loves them all?

Well, perhaps he loves the little ones the most.

Bakhig can’t sleep unless the little ones are running their little feet over him.

Bakhig’s Journal, Page 19

Bakhig had the nightmare again last night. Bakhig dreamed that a [player race] was in Bakhig’s home, killing his pets.

This one is going to spend the day with the little ones, making sure they are safe.

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