Letter to Ando

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous


Gelves just gave me a bloody earful. I don’t know where you disappeared to, but you should have been with me to bear the brunt of his tirade.

He says to ease up a bit on the townsfolk. We’re supposed to leave them alone for a few days, let them get a little less afraid of us. After that, we make one good example every few days or so. He’s got some theory that this keeps them more cowed than if we just beat them senseless every time they look at us funny.

He also said to keep a cautious eye on anyone coming into town, but not to stop them. The town is still open for business and we want to make sure that we profit from that business. Traders and such coming through town should still be able to buy and sell as they like. We’ll probably start taxing them when Gelves decides that we are firmly in control here.

Oh, and Gelves killed the mayor. Just lost his temper, I guess.

You owe me an ale or two for covering for you.

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