Notes on the Fable of the Dragon

Released In:

I spoke with my allies in the Scholarium about the riddles in the Fable of the Dragon. All of the associated locations are in Reaper’s March.

In order of their appearance in the fable:

Votary Llaren said that Ja’zennji Siir translates to Jode’s Light in Cyrodiilic. The ruins are just west of Dune. I should search there for the first set of wards.

The Crow said that Do’Krin Monastery can be found southwest of Rawl’kha on a crescent moon of water. I should search there for the second set of wards.

Nahlia said that Fort Grimwatch was built over the top the ruins of Khaj Rawlith. It’s in the northwest part of Reaper’s March. I should search there for the third set of wards.

Lastly, Julian told me about a village called Willowgrove in southern Reaper’s March. The door to the Wing of the Dragon may be in the grove of willows south of the village itself, possibly near a cave.

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