The Ascendant Magus’s Commission

Released In:
Author (in-game): The Ascendant Magus

To All Knights of the Ascendant Order

The Ascendant Lord has learned that Lady Arabelle and her associates rescued the alliance leaders from Amenos. She sent them to All Flags Islet. That means we must put our contingency plan into effect immediately.

Silver Swan is not yet fully seaworthy, so I am giving Hercian command of the Nereid’s Song. Meet him in the hidden cove. Hercian is to take command, sail her to All Flags Islet, and join the battle. I have another ship at my disposal.

The Silver Swan is a safe place to hold Duchess Elea until our work is done at All Flags. See to it that she is guarded well.

The Ascendant Magus

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