A Cyrodilic Merchant’s Lament

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Curse the Pact and its stupid rules! And curse that stiff-necked Dark Elf protector at the temple. You’d think we were offering to urinate on their precious Elder Scroll, the way Vodryn shrieked at us to get out.

Is offering quality goods at a fair price now a crime in Cyrodiil? True, there is some markup from the prices in the big city markets, but considering the travel time, dangers of the road, costs of guards, and lost time with our families—these goods are a bargain.

If the Pact doesn’t want them, the Covenant will surely buy them and be grateful. No doubt they’d also appreciate information on the disposition of Pact troops en route to Covenant-held territory. That might bring in more gold than our goods ever would. Must not get caught though.

Oh, for the days of the Empire. Curse these invaders!

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