Factor Luluelle’s Report

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lacherie


Lacherie Arrived from Sentinel on the “Whispering Oyster”:

— Three Barrels Pomegranate Wine
— Four Crates Mountain Jerky; one crate damaged, spoilage significant
— Two Crates —

Oh, what’s the point? This is the only shipment we’ve had in ten days, and its value wouldn’t add up to a score of gold drakes, even if we had a caravel to trans-ship it someplace where we could sell it. Everything that floats has been “requisitioned” for the war, and we couldn’t get naval stores even if we had a ship—you can’t find rope, pitch, timber, or sailcloth for any amount of money. It’s all “Arms for the Covenant!” now. Let’s face it: if this war doesn’t end soon, we’re shipwrecked.

Maybe I’d be happier if my son Durant was still around, but he ran off and joined the First Menevian Scouts, and the house is empty without him. Daedra take it—I’m opening one of these barrels to test the contents. If you want to join me, I’ll be in the second empty warehouse on the left.

— Lacherie

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