Updated Instructions from Dortene

Released In:
Author (in-game): Grand Warlord Dortene

General Am-Shadal,

Reports have reached me of lone soldiers being killed by enemy squads en route to battle fields in Cyrodiil. Do all in your power to encourage soldiers to travel in groups, never alone. While this staging area is secure, nowhere else in Cyrodiil is safe. Warn those who undertake your missions to be wary at all times.

On a personal note, I thank you for your forbearance in the recent altercation with General Khamagash. Your refusal to be goaded into an attack was admirable. I shudder to think of the effect on troop morale if my two top generals had gotten into a brawl. Your self-control honors your training and your ancestors.

Honor and faith to you, general.

– Grand Warlord Dortene

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