Bartholomew’s Discovery

Author: Chief Archivist Bartholomew
Released In:

Progress, at last! The welkynd stones resonated with some of the relics of our vault. Gaining a luster that the previously lacked. I realized that the stones must have been depleted, much like a soul stone. It seems so obvious in hindsight, but I always assumed the methods of the Wild Elves were entirely alien to our own. Though it should come as little surprise that Daedric magic is somehow involved. I must proceed carefully.

* * *
Where did the week go? I've lost all track of time down here in the vaults. Combing through these artifacts, testing these stones for a reaction, trying to draw the energies into them. It's working though, the stones are maintaining their luster away from the relics, and their shining grows steadily stronger with each connection I draw out. Just a little longer. I'm sure the results will come.

* * *
I should return to my cottage for a while. Get some rest. The vault guards have remarked as much. I hear them whispering behind my back sometimes while I go about my work. I snapped at them to keep quiet, but they wouldn't even admit their fault. Like children, I swear. Still, I need something to report to the prior. I'll try the sconces again. They're ready to give up their secrets now. I'm sure of it.

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