Blightcrown’s Notes

Author: Blightcrown
Released In:

The censer of corruption is a masterpiece! Who knew that combining the stuff of dreams with a malignant sickness into a infectious torment could create something so powerful and useful? The guardians of the Infinite Panopticon have succumbed to the corruption emitted by the censers. Not only does it render us invisible to them, but it turns them into crazed monsters that will attack anyone that dares enter this place.

I am not sure this will serve to hide us from the Prince of this disgusting realm, but I shall continue to work with Master Shelreni to increase its potency.

As I and the Dremora Torvesard search for the information we need, Shelreni will return to the Telvanni Peninsula and continue her efforts to extract the rite from the Black Book.

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