Telvanni Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

These caverns are marvelous! Teeming with flora of all kinds with nary a bit of daylight. There are even prosperous growths of land coral, but we've located no signs of water flowing through here. Perhaps there is an aquifer seeping. We'll have to be mindful before we begin expanding the tower workshop or risk flooding this wondrous place.

Honestly, I've never seen anything like this before ... but I have felt something similar. There's an energy here. A warmth. It reminds me of my visits to the chambers of Almalexia and Vivec. Their divine radiance is a palpable thing. Is this thriving cavern a work of theirs, I wonder? If that is the case, I hope we aren't intruding on the Living Gods' domain.

Did Master Fyr know of these caverns when he selected the site for his tower? Perhaps he'd be willing to share his insights once we've finished our surveying. Either way, I plan to learn everything I can while I'm here.

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