Barjot’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Barjot

22 Sun’s Height

Going to be a good dig. I have a feeling. Sailed in without a hitch—Ferrand knows his business. We’ll be rich and gone before the Orcs even know we’re here.

If they were smart they’d be digging in these ruins themselves. But I’ve never known Orcs to be particularly smart.

28 Sun’s Height

One week with no loot. Atirr insists there’s a room we haven’t found, but I’m sick of listening to that Cat. It was a mistake to sign up for this dig. If the Orcs don’t kill us, a cave-in will.

29 Sun’s Height

I can’t believe it. The Cat found something! We discovered an old door hidden behind a bookcase. It hasn’t been opened in Akatosh knows how long.

Might finally see a good score. Even one decent relic would be enough to make this trip worthwhile. We’ll open it tomorrow, when Delphine gets back.

2 First Seed

Why did we do it? Why did we open that door? Did Attir know what would happen? I just can’t get his screams out of my head.

No relic is worth this. I’m leaving, no matter what Delphine says. Even if there is a curse, I didn’t touch it. What would some long-dead Ayleid want with my soul, anyway?

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