Passenger’s Log: Disaster at Sea

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Day Seven

The warm waters of the Eltheric Ocean have given way to the cold embrace of the northern coast of High Rock. This region isn’t fit for anything but Orcs and horkers! The shores of sandy beaches have given way to crags of ice and snow. And why in the world are we sailing these waters? I may not be a sailor, but even I know that Orsinium isn’t anywhere near this frozen coast!

Day Eight

An icy gale has forced most of the crew and passengers to huddle below decks. I’m certain that a storm is coming, and I predict it’s going to be a strong one. At least the ambassador doesn’t appear worried. I swear, that woman can find a ray of sunshine in even the most dank and smelly dungeon.

Day Nine

Oh how I wish I had been mistaken! The storm has engulfed our fleet, and it’s a howling blizzard! Ice forms on our sails and hail the size of mudcrabs bounces upon the deck with murderous force. I fear that the fleet has become lost in the snow and fog, which is so dense as to make it impossible to see more than a few paces ahead. If the storm doesn’t break soon or we don’t find shelter, I fear the ships will run aground or crash into each other before all is said and done.

Still, Captain Henrisa seems to know what she’s doing. Her sailors think very highly of her and no one has let their fear of the situation get the better of them. At least not yet.

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