Letter to Magister Meln Rendys

Released In:
Author (in-game): Vabdru

Magister Meln Rendys,

At the instruction of Shelreni Baro, master of Tel Baro, I send this letter directly to you, as you still have not appointed a mouth to handle your day-to-day affairs.

Master Shelreni requests an audience with you at your tower, Tel Rendys, to take place tomorrow at first light. At this time, she shall present her proposal for finally putting an end to the animosity that has clouded your interactions these past few years.

She wishes to prove to you that her intentions are well in keeping with the long-standing traditions of House Telvanni. That she deserves to be awarded the rank of magister and would seek your support in that matter.

Finally, she would like the opportunity to negotiate a trade or purchase for an item in your possession. An ancient tome titled The Tormenting Eye. It is of no use to you but of great importance to Master Shelreni.

She will arrive at your tower tomorrow morning to conclude this business.

Mouth of Master Shelreni Baro
The Assemby of Masters at Ald Isra

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