Seeker Manadra’s Expedition

Author: Mercator Ambustus
Released In:

Recorded by Mercator Ambustus
Expedition Day 27

Arrival at last!

After weeks of trudging over countless sand dunes, we made it to the citadel. The walls are taller than I expected, but with the secrecy Seeker Manadra used to talk about the citadel, I’m not sure what I envisioned. From the few stories and theories Manadra shared, I never thought that the citadel would look as run down as it does. While the other bodyguards in our party boasted about leaving the hard work of walking the desert behind us, I can’t shake the feeling that this decrepit fortress has more in store for us.

Seeker Manadra is thrilled, though. He keeps checking his equipment and practicing incantations. He’s making me nervous. This whole place is.

We will rest and set off into the citadel when Manadra decides that it’s time. If the quiet of the citadel has this much of an affect on me, I’ll need the rest.

Expedition Day 40

We walked under a strange sky. I’ve seen many over the course of my time as a bodyguard, but few match the level of odd that this sky consistently produces. The colors and the shapes of the stars are unlike any seen on Nirn. If I ever needed proof of how far we traveled, all I need to do is look up.

Seeker Manadra thinks we’re getting closer to what he seeks. One of his instruments began to hum with energy after we entered through that last door, but the guardians attacked almost in the same moment. Even though none of Seeker Manadra’s instruments gave any further indication of proximity after the battle, he took the momentary activity as a good sign. I guess we’ll have to listen to his expertise.

I, for one, am tired of the constant threat we face. The guardians are tenacious and have no need of rest. They are a constant plague on our energy levels. I hope Seeker Manadra is right and the knot is close. I want to be rid of this place.

Expedition Day 45

I must write quickly. The knot is not what we thought. It drains at us and eats away at us. I haven’t held it yet, but Seeker Manadra says it’s my turn next. We are not even a third of the way back to the entrance. The others are gone. They disappeared into the knot and haven’t resurfaced. I don’t know where they are.

I don’t want to be next, but Seeker Manadra is keeping an eye on me. I can’t run. He’s promised the others more gold to keep me in line. I can’t fight them all. I fear I’m trapped.

I don’t want to hold the knot. It will swallow me.

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