The Journal of Emperor Leovic

Author: Emperor Leovic
Released In:

My father and my grandfather before me started all this, but I shall be the one to end it and reap the reward. If the bastard Varen doesn't show up and kill me first.

My father had this annex built beneath Imperial City to house the last of our secrets. A safe haven for others to find so they can carry out the work. If worse comes to worse, you understand.

Here all the people who have at least a part of the puzzle, though only my steward and the leader of the Order of the Waking Flame know the entire truth - and even they aren't privy to the changes I needed to make as forces of the traitor Varen draw near.

The Four Ambtiions aren't ready yet. If they were, I'd use them to destroy Varen and save my legacy. but the time of the Ambitions is still a few years away.

I have one last trick up my sleeve. I'll use the shrine in this annex, the one my father personally dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon, to appeal to the Prince of Destruction and seek his help again, as my grandfather did when he conquered the Empire. If I fail, and if I fall to the traitor Varen, then you, High Priest of the Order of the Waking Flame, you will have to deal with the others and determine where I moved the Ambitions. I could not let them fall into Varen's hands.

Steward Farrul Lupus
Chief Councilor Lovidicus
Councilor Abor
Councilor Faleria
Councilor Itinia
Councilor Jirich
Councilor Sophus
Councilor Vandacia

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