Letter to Betra

Released In:
Author (in-game): Eepa


I hope the trip to Fort Amol goes well and that your business there concludes quickly and profitably. I miss you so! Please, please, please try to make it home in time for my birthday. That would be a most excellent present!

The Konunleikar is in full swing and I’ve never seen the city this busy. I’ve been putting in extra shifts at the Sober Nord to help with the crowds—and the extra gold never hurts! I have to say, though, that the singing contest wasn’t the same without your beautiful voice as one of the participants. I’m sure you would have won if you had been here.

Make sure you travel swiftly and safely. You know how storms can appear without warning in Skyrim this time of year. Do you still have that map my father made for you? If you are caught in a storm, find shelter in one of those caves he marked on the map. Just be sure to look inside before you get too comfortable. Who knows what else might be using the place to get out of the cold and the wind?

Anyway, please hurry home, darling! Our little house isn’t the same without you and I miss you so much.

Yours forever,

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