Captain’s Orders

Author: Eselde
Released In:

Dearest Janeve,

I was planning on making this an official missive, orders from the leader of House Tamrith to its most illustrious and brave field captain. But I'm still new to this role as head of the house and you're still my sister, so let's keep this exchange light and informal.

Your primary goal remains locating the rogue Argonian, Reezal-Jul. If a viable opportunity to eliminate this menace presents itself, you have my permission to engage. But don't take any unnecessary risks with either your own safety or the safety of your troops. The valiant men and women under your command should not be squandered needlessly.

And, as always, please help the people of Rivenspire if you come across any of them in jeopardy or dire straits. The unrest stirred up by Montclair throughout Rivenspire affects everyone. Farms have been damaged, cemeteries and places of worship desecrated, families scattered, and people injured or killed. Help those who need it as you find them, organize them, and set up temporary camps as required. Have one of your lieutenants keep records of names, towns, and incidents of disaster so that we may offer aid as each situation warrants.

And please remember to send me a report every few days. I know you hate writing down your thoughts, but you are my eyes and ears out there. Besides, if I don't hear from you on a regular basis, I will worry so. Please don't put your new countess in that position.

Your loving sister,

(Countess Eselde, Leader of House Tamrith)

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