J’saad’s Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): J'saad

My beloved Adhimba,

I’m sorry. I know you wished these voices I heard were only in my mind. That the images I perceived were my imagination. They are not, though. These visions—these voices that speak to me—they are something more.

A divine presence speaks to me through this stone. I do not understand why these words seek me out, but the voice—it only grows stronger. With it comes the blinding lights. The strange visions. She’s trying to find another knight to carry her light, she says. One who will not betray her. One who must correct a previous mistake.

I’m unclear of its meaning, but I believe I must undergo her trials. I must succeed where others have failed.

I will return to you in Black Heights once my journey is complete. I will show you the truth. You will see the light. Everyone will see the light.


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