Letter from Aurelia Jourvel

Released In:
Author (in-game): Aurelia

Dearest Izzy,

Thank you again for your kindness, your friendship, and the push out the door. I’ve had ever so much fun! After leaving High Isle, I visited a little town in Stormhaven and took some painting classes from a well known still life painter (yes, I have been painting again).

I decided to go to Stros M’Kai with a friend. A fellow painter, a lovely man named Kiv Lindres. I’ve been staying at the Screaming Mermaid (amazing name). There, Kiv and I have been painting seascapes!

I do have a bit of unpleasant news. Remember that ring you gave me when we were what, seventeen?

I’m so sorry, Izzy, but my room was burgled. The ring is gone, along with some other bits and bobs of mine. I’m pretty distressed about it, since I’ve had that ring for ages and I know it was something that you wanted me to have.

I’m going to go to the local guard, and I promise they will track down the thief. I mean, Stros is not that large, right? Don’t worry, don’t fret. But I feel bad about this and wanted you to know what had happened.

Miss you, dear heart.

Your Aurelia

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