Journal of Master Pellingare

Author: Master Pellingare
Released In:

I should have known better than to trust that damned fool Garron. How he gained enough knowledge to turn himself into a lich I'll never know. I should have refused him. I should have stuck to every teaching and parable that warns against the evils of necromancy. But he promised I would get Varaine and Allene back. What father could refuse life for his children, no matter the cost?

But it's all ruined. I refuse to believe these things are the same souls I kissed goodnight every night for twenty years. They are twisted. Evil. They build an army with Garron's aide, to what purpose I can only guess. I would get the guard, bring this unholy affair to an end now. But what if Garron is not lying? What if somewhere in those vile walking corpses are some semblance of my children returned from the dead? I cannot risk losing them again, no matter how corrupted they may be.

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