Letter to Hosni

Author: Sirali
Released In:

Son, I write this to you lest the worst happen before you return to your senses, in which case this may be the only way I can speak to you.

The woman Adima is a venomous snake who has poisoned your thoughts and darkened your heart. Indeed, when I see the bloodlust in her eye, I doubt she is a true woman at all.

You are strong, my son, and wise in the world's ways, for we have taught you all and held naught back. For you to succumb to the wiles of such a creature sorcery must be involved, for no ordinary human could sway you so from the path of clear thought and action.

As you read this, let it be as a window opening in your mind, as a clean wind blowing through your heart.

Awaken, Hosni, from your dreams of blood. Abjure this Adima, and seek your penitence in whatever task Sister Safia shall set for you. For she will tell you what is right and best to hear, no matter how hard it may be to listen.

Your Mother, Who Loves You Always,
— Sirali

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