Uggamog’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Uggamog

My dearest son,

I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted to see you again over these long years. I can only imagine that you’ve grown to be healthy and strong, I presume Yazoga told you why I had to send you away when you were still just a suckling babe. This place is not fit for a child, nor does my work allow me the luxury of being a father. Yazoga has also told you by now that I am the one-and-only Uggamog—the most feared sorcerer in the Wrothgarian mountains. She was instructed to tell you this.

But she only knows half the story. The truth is that I am not the one-and-only Uggamog. I am only the most recent Orc to inherit the title. My given name was Khrogur, and I was born to a cobbler in Wayrest. It was my great-uncle who bequeathed me the title of Uggamog, just as I now bequeath it to you.

I grow old, and I know my time is short. When you become Uggamog, these Ayleid ruins will respond to you and the creatures here will serve you. Those things alone will give you a life of power greater than you could have ever imagined, but it’s the name that’s the greatest treasure. When people hear the name “Uggamog”, they quiver with terror. No one will ever cause you any trouble again.

All that’s required to inherit your birthright is to mix your blood with mine. I have soaked this very letter with my blood, so you must simply add a drop of your own, and the transformation will take place. I hope you enjoy your inheritance as much as I’ve enjoyed mine.

Your father,

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