Show Us Your Worth

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous


The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived. I have an opportunity for you. A unique opportunity, to show the Court and our benefactor just how cunning you can be. You know how he appreciates a savvy deal maker.

I am entrusting you with several tomes I acquired at a hefty price. They describe a place between realms, a gap, or rather a pit of emptiness that lies between our world and Oblivion. It is the home of something primal, something with a great need. And our benefactor does so love a thing in need.

Strike a bargain with this creature, the Insatiable, and unleash it on the garrison at Cey-Tarn Keep. Our moment of triumph is close at hand and the servants of our sovereign stooge remain too close for comfort. Give them something to occupy themselves with while the final pieces of our plans fit into place.

I will recall you to Shimmerene when your task is done. Until then, keep watch over the situation and ensure a favorable outcome. We would all be very disappointed if you were to squander this investment.

May fortune show its hand to you,


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