Baandari Peddler Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This one was, apparently, not clear enough in her directive against picking up travelers in passing, even if they offer gold! More travelers mean more attention, which is not a thing we seek. Some of the goods we transport are not held in the same high esteem as they are in our homeland. So much so that some of these good are considered to be illegal to possess. So this one doesn’t care if your new friends “seem nice.” If we are forced to answer the questions of the authorities, we will have plenty of time to grow to dislike one another while we spend time in the same cell.

Khajiit are expected to express their regrets to their newfound friends and see they do not tag along when next we depart. Otherwise, this one will be forced to bare her claws upon your purses and reduce your cut of the profits accordingly.

This one assumes you understand now, yes?

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