Letter of Complaint

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Sister Celdina,

It is not within my nature to raise baseless concerns—especially when there is no actionable outcome to the issue that I am raising—but, I cannot in good conscience allow our great cause to be undermined. The matter I bring to your attention involves the Daedra skulking around the Brandfire Reformatory. They see themselves as the true servants of the Lord of Fire and Pain. They always watch us, standing in the corner as we conduct our affairs. Some have even gone so far as to terminate recruits who were not swift enough to accept the heat of Mehrunes Dagon.

I should not have to explain to you how such actions overstep their capacity. These Daedra are under the impression that they should be in charge of the Reformatory. This will not stand! Yes, I am aware that the place is also used as a place of punishment by Mehrunes Dagon, but the work we do should supersede those ancient interments. Speak to their leader. Mandate the removal of Daedra from the Reformatory, or at least from the portions under our use. Create a mortals-only watch and classify our methods as proprietary. I don’t mean to give you advice, but these Daedra are interfering in my efforts.

I grow weary of my methods, which have proven successful and were approved by you, being constantly placed under scrutiny.

High Overseer, Brandfire Reformatory

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