Picking up the Pieces

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

I’m surprised Quintus was ever allowed to walk the halls of the Imperial Library. If the number of records left in his estate are any indication, he was as delinquent a borrower there as any bank in Cyrodiil. No one came to collect after I sorted out the matter of inheritance, so they’re mine now.

* * *
There might be more about the Dwemer found in these dusty boxes than anywhere in the world. I could spend years digging through the volumes, but I’m curious about what else Quintus was up to in the months before the expedition to Volenfell.

* * *
Quintus really was hopeless without me. There’s nothing in his notes on the Eye I don’t already know. That was my last lead.

* * *
Poring over months’ worth of Quintus’s obtuse observations hasn’t been a total loss. Before I forced his hand on retrieving the Eye, he was collecting information on another artifact with even more potential to shake up the historical community: The Mad Rock.

* * *
It’s Wrathstone. Quintus’s translation was lazy.

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