Tenarei’s Contract

Released In:
Author (in-game): Larz-Tul

Tenarei Vels: As promised, our agreement in writing. That you do not take me at my word after our long association is a bit insulting, but I am feeling indulgent. You are to bring one Quistley Silvelle to the syndicate in Leyawiin, preferably alive. Complete this job and your debt to the syndicate will be cleared.

This fool Quistley has difficulty remembering his debts, but the Silvelles are a wealthy Daggerfall family. Maybe they can pay off their son’s obligation. If not, debts can be paid off in a number of ways, as you well know.

Current Whereabouts:

– Seen leaving the city some weeks ago. Claimed to be going to Gideon.
– May have joined smugglers or bandits operating out of a cave south and east of Leyawiin, Deepscorn Cavern or Caves? (That area is riddled with caves.)
– Wears an expensive signet ring, dresses like a useless rich knob, fancies himself a ladies’ man, brags a lot.

Hopefully smugglers haven’t killed him before we can collect on his debt.


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