The Prowler’s Log

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Year One, Day 31

Quartermaster Oblan’s connections finally came through. After surrendering half the ship’s earnings from our previous “expeditions,” the Prowler flies the Queen’s Own Flag. As long as we only afflict Pact or Covenant shipping in our adventures, all past trespasses committed by the Prowler or her crew will be forgiven.

Long live Queen Ayrenn!

Year One, Day 41

Instead of privateering, we’re stuck patrolling shores. We’re given liberty to attack any enemy vessels, but that means enemy raiders, not cargo or merchant ships. Lots of hard fighting for little gain.

Our orders cover the search and seizure of suspected smugglers, but I doubt the crew has the heart for it. Besides, Quartermaster Oblan is related to most of them!

Year One, Day 63

I don’t know what gods heard my prayers, but things are looking up once more. My request for more “active” duty was heard by Lord Gharesh-ri, the Speaker of the Mane himself! His messenger arrived this morning. with orders to prepare for a long voyage. No other details as yet.

Year One, Day 65

Well, I suppose I got what I asked for. The Prowler, a swift raiding vessel, is to be loaded down with supplies and baggage for a Dominion expedition to Khenarthi’s Roost! While the sea-lanes around the island are likely to be filled with enemy shipping, we’ll be part of the transport fleet.

Morale is very low. At least the weather looks good

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