Dwarven Ruin Explorer’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

… with some success. Beem-Tei discovered the hidden entrance to the Dwemer underworks; may her spirit find repose in the waters of Black Marsh. The automatons guard their masters’ secrets well.

The spider and sphere guardians swarmed over us, killing Beem-Tei and Reekatul before we fought them off. The outer chamber was ours, for a time. The central heating plant and other machinery were fascinating but Ukka-Malz insisted we press farther in, searching for relics we could remove.

The inner chamber was our undoing. Spheres and spiders were the least of our worries. Our intrusion awakened a Dwemer Centurion. Ukka-Malz and the others died under its relentless assault. Only I lived to reach the exit.

But I cannot get out. The doors are locked by an unseen mechanism. Our food and water are back in the outer chamber. I’ll venture there only if desperate. Perhaps other researchers will open the doors before I reach that point.

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