Concerning the Saints’ Safety and Security

Released In:
Author (in-game): Alienist Llandras

Proctor Luciana,

I am surprised by the lack of action to result from my last request. It is unlike you to leave correspondence unanswered. I thought perhaps something occurred in transit, but the factotum confirmed that my letter was received by your office. We’ve discussed your desires for control and inability to trust. If you are shouldering more concerns than you can maintain you must allow yourself to delegate. My concern is not simply for your health, but also for the safety of Clockwork City.

I’m afraid that the situation has not improved within the Asylum Sanctorium. My wards are becoming more agitated and unpredictable. I fear that they have become locked irrevocably into the gravity of madness and their descent grows swifter by the day. The few orderlies I have will not be able to keep the Saints contained should it become their desire to escape. They are astonishingly powerful beings, Luciana. I believe the day where we are forced to reckon with them is inevitable, and close at hand. We must be prepared.

May your path wind the Grand Gear,
Alienist Llandras

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