Orders from the Lord

Author: The Ascendant Lord
Released In:

Druid Edreld,

I understand your garden below Garick’s Rest is blooming. Perfect. When you receive the shipment of wine, here is how I want you to proceed.

Add your newly developed poison to one of the bottles. I have arranged for it to be part of a gift basket for Lady Arabelle. Her suspicions grow and will likely discover our agents in Steadfast Manor if we do not take action. I am sure she won’t be able to resist taking a taste of this rare vintage. She does so love her wine.

Do the same for the gift we will send to Duchess Elea. Then crate up the rest of the bottles. A courier will meet you outside. Take the delivery from them, then give them the crates of wine. The courier has orders to deliver them to Castle Navire. If all goes as planned, both Arabelle and Elea will be dead, and blame will fall squarely on malcontents in House Dufort.

As for the relic, I give it to you for safekeeping while I am away. If Steadfast Manor becomes compromised in my absence, use it to enter the tunnels below the cellar. Destroy any documents you find there. We must not reveal our true identity until the time is right.

The Ascendant Lord

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