Bringing Home the Trolls

Author: Feralea Thenim
Released In:


We found something strange and we're bringing it back with us. Ready one of the large pens in the corner. The midsized ones we usually reserve for swine where Fanasa Rols took that nasty stumble and broke her neck the other week. Nasty business that was. I'm surprised we recovered as much of her as we did.

Now, about the thing we found. Before you get too concerned, we did go to Labyrinthian like you said. The trolls didn't give us much trouble. They haven't for a while now, and I think you'll like the look of the ones we're bringing back with us.

Anyway, just as we were about to leave, we saw these huge rocks. They were covered in what looked like a mushroom of some sort, but the caps were firm. Oh, and they glowed blue. That's important. Llaalam Velas thinks they're pretty, but I don't know. There's something about them that pricks my ears. They look like gold.

Now, I wouldn't suggest we just put some rocks in a pen, not when they can go with the rest of the cargo. But I get the feeling there's something strange going on with the rocks. Like they could be eggs or something. They didn't just form in Labyrintian is what I'm saying. And those bugs were back. The big curly ones I told you about last time. Tetris Ramori says they're called chaurus. He thinks they're trainable.

Either way, we're bringing some of them back with us. The trolls don't seem to care about the rocks, so we think they won't break them before we get back.

Hope this brings in a good enough profit that you'll consider forgetting the mishap last week.

Feralea Thenim

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