Mirulon’s Report

Released In:
Author (in-game): Mirulon

For the Earls’ Consideration:

Our plans for Shimmerene continue apace. Some improvisation was required, but the plot remains on schedule. The youth I mentioned in my last report predictably abandoned the task we set before him. I made it very clear that the Sapiarch must die by his hand. He refused. In light of this defiance, I have resolved to make him do it through mind-sculpting. It should not take long before he is my thrall.

I regret that his recovery required a small explosion in the city proper. This no doubt attracted the attention of the Divine Prosecution. But I assure you—they will not have a chance to interfere. Very soon, the Sapiarch will be slain and this city will fall into turmoil. I will contact you again when the task is completed.

In Oblivion’s Name,


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