Kalodar’s Letter

Author: Kalodar
Released In:

To Hlotild and Helfhild, the winds that sooth me by day and the stars that light my night:

I know this letter will never reach you in Whiterun. I write to you now only to ease my regret and loneliness as I pass from this world. I am a selfish man.

But I loved you both dearly, and that is why I had to leave. You were no longer safe with me in the house, though you never suspected it. You knew of my debt, but not the dire threats my creditors had made. When I knew they were coming for me, I led them as far from you as I could. My prayers are only that my ruse succeeded and you are safe.

I am a selfish man. I wish you could hear these words, and that you could forgive me.

I will sing of you in the halls of Sovngarde.

— Kalodar

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