Letter to Councilor Dolvara

Author: High Councilor Meriath
Released In:

Councilor Dolvara,

The unfortunate events surrounding the demotion and subsequent banishment of Ulran Releth have left the High Council extremely disappointed. This isn't what we expected from the promising son of an old and respected family. Your report detailing Ulran's trial, while informative, did nothing to alleviate our concerns. In light of what occurred, the High Council requests a favor from you.

First, since you often operate in the Balmora region, we'd like you to monitor Councilor Eris's actions for the relative future. We have every faith in Councilor Eris, but Ulran is his son, after all. Add to that the disturbing news about his daughter and the Morag Tong, and you can see why we have concerns.

Second, since the promotion of Brivan Malrom to the rank of captain and commander of Redoran's western forces, we have received troubling reports of the unauthorized escalation of the use of mercenary companies, specifically Ferhara's Warclaws. Contract soldiers are expected to abide by all house laws and regulations, but Ferhara's mercenaries tend to deviate from standard practices on a frequent basis. We especially dislike hearing reports of excessive violence with regards to the treatment of Ashlanders. Harsh treatment, as you know, must always be authorized.

Use your connection and personal relationship with the Releth family to urge Councilor Eris to get his affairs in order. We'd appreciate it if the disquiet in Balmora settled down before the upcoming council meeting.

High Councilor Meriath

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