Official Missive from Holgunn

Released In:
Author (in-game): Holgunn One-Eye

Captain Jardirr,

Be wary of strange folk skulking about your post. We’ve received reports of individuals, sometimes Pact members in military uniforms, acting in suspicious fashion. Small, subtle acts seem to be their focus: a bottle moved, a torch lit, a door left unlocked. Be vigilant for even the smallest abnormalities.

Please note, this missive is not finding its way to every command. Keep this warning close to your heart. Do not mention these suspicions to officers you do not trust with the weight of your blade.

Keep your eye out in particular for Argonian assassins operating without adequate supervision. We have reason to believe some members of the Shadowscales have been co-opted.

The name going around is “Blackbriar.” Be vigilant.

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