Merion’s Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

That strange mage. Why would he leave me here? Luckily, a talented alchemist is never without his tools. I’ve noticed several types of mushroom growing in the cave. After puttering about the cave, I put together a recipe for a magic resistance potion. Should keep me safe from any manipulations or illusions.

– – –
I was just beginning to gather ingredients when the most luminous creature appeared to me! Initially I thought she was a vision imprinted on my weary brain. But we began talking and—diary, my dear diary—I’m enraptured! She’s so kind and understanding. It’s like she was made for me!

– – –
I sing for her. Recite poetry to her. She loves it. My wife doesn’t like music. Minstrels bother her. She always gets bothered by something or another. She doesn’t appreciate me. Not like the new lady in my life.

– – –
Read over my first entry. I note I was trying to formulate a potion, but I can’t for the life of me remember why. I’ve grown to like this place. Even the keening of the bats in the background is like a siren’s song. It’s all thanks to her. My lady, my love.

– – –
My wandering days are over! We are to be married, and live forever in our subterranean paradise! If I ever see that mage again, I’ll thank him. He’s changed my life!

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